Since 2007, the Interfaith Leadership Alliance of Santa Fe has incubated a number of critical initiatives across the community – including Green Fusion, the Interfaith Community Shelter, Stand Up for Kindness, and Envision Santa Fe.

Green Fusion – The Interfaith Leadership Alliance is committed to a sustainable future that protects the diverse glory of creation. We are putting together a coalition of interfaith, civic, and environmental leaders, a Green Fusion, with the intention of creating a binding interfaith commitment. This agreement will be shaped by faith communities and local civic and conversation representatives.

Gila River - last of the Southwest's major free-flowing rivers

The Interfaith Community Shelter – The deaths of homeless men and women from exposure during the winter of 2006 – 2007 prompted the newly organized Interfaith Leadership Alliance of Santa Fe, St. Elizabeth’s Shelter, other service providers, compassionate citizens, and the City of Santa Fe to arrange for temporary shelter. A more permanent solution, the Interfaith Community Shelter (ICS) was incorporated in 2009 and was granted 501(c)3 status in 2010. The ILA was active in raising the funds needed to extend the winter shelter to a Summer Safe Haven for women in 2016.

Envision Santa Fe began as a coalition of faith-based communities and social services agencies working to provide homeless families with the support they need to become stable and sustainable. Each member of our selected families receives a mentor. Volunteer mentors work with families for two years to help them transition into permanent housing, access community resources, and acquire skills to ensure sustainability.  The ILA transferred management of Envision to Adelante in 2017.